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Photography and Group Tours

Our tours are small groups of 4-6 (sometimes larger if spouses come along).  Some tours are all inclusive meaning all meals are included, while other tours will only have some meals included.  All details are shared well in advance.We strive to provide locations that are unique and as close to once in a lifetime trips as possible!  If you have any specific requests, feel free to share!  You just never know!

Who can come on our tours?  We welcome everyone, beginners advanced or just looking to learn some more!

What gear is required?  I would say that at least a DSLR camera body, your lens(s) and a tripod.  Feel free to bring along remotes, external flashes, reflectors, etc.  This is 100% up to you!   We will send along much more information for you to consider on what to think about bringing.  The bottom line is we want these trips to be as affordable as possible.  So, bringing $10k in equipment is not needed. 

For more information email!