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Who is August T?

Born in Germany. Lived in Okinawa, Japan. Lived all over the US on mainly military bases until my parents finally settled down in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Going into 6th grade I was chosen for an artistic scholarship at the Carnegie Museum that graduated to a full scholarship in 9th grade to attend Carnegie Mellon University for college level art classes. August T's Facebook While in high school my ambitions had me involved in Cross Country, Volleyball, Swimming, one of 4 male Cheerleaders, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Center for Advanced Studies and the list goes on. I broke the 100 yard breaststroke record, multiple MVP and other awards. With my artistic talents, funny enough I never had an art class but became great friends with the art teacher. One day in 11th grade she asked if I would be interested in photography or pottery. Super long story short I chose photography. While at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild my talents flourished and won my first photography award and sold my first photography within my first year. After high school I chose to pursue other avenues of sales, marketing and upper level management. Along the way I still took photos all of the time for family and friends, even shot 10-15 weddings along the way. Then in 2008 I found myself laid-off. Another super long story short, I packed what I could fit into my Explorer and moved from the cold winters of Pittsburgh to the warm beaches of South Carolina. With no camera, no website and no customers I dove into the deep end to pursue my passion of being a full-time photographer!

Pittsburgh, PA as well as Charleston, SC are my home bases.   Currently only booking select destination weddings, photography gigs and travel related opportunities.

What is the "August T" DIFFERENCE?

“Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man.” — Col 3:23

When you meet me I hope that you will notice that there is something different about me, but not quite be able to put your finger on it. I have always been a genuinely optimistic person as well as a natural leader. As those are just part of the fiber of my being, so is my love for the Lord and my walk as a Christian. It's not meant to be a bumper sticker quote, but more so a reflection of how I conduct myself.

“ Always leave things better than you found them.” — My father and my hero!

My father insisted that we stay after the Boy Scout dinners and help clean. He insisted we scrub Mrs. Browns pan extra clean, from the stuffed peppers she sent over. It was lessons like these that have stuck with me over the years. I know this may sound odd, but I strive to fulfill this with my  photography. A wedding day or even gathering a family on the beach can be stressful enough.  If there is any small way I can make your experience better than you imagined, I will do my utmost.

“We specialize in the Extaordinary!” — tagline for August T Photography

I really do not want my photography to be average or typical. I also know that not every shot is going to make the front cover of a major publication. However, I do strive for a long series of photos from each photo session that you will be extremely proud to hang on your wall and share with your friends. Maybe even inspire your grand children someday... How awesome would that be?

This is the August T Photography Difference!



Home-made chocolate chip cookies

Oreo’s and Pepsi

Steaks on the barbie


kids - I’m more of a big kid anyway

dogs - I think I am part dog...

anything outdoors


sunrises and sunsets!

spending time w/loves ones


trying new things

home cooked meals

making things go BOOM!

anything that goes fast

the more adventurous the better


hot air balloon glows