Ultra Creative Packages - AugustTPhotography


At August T Photography, you will find photo possibilities that are nothing less than UNIQUE and simply one-of-a-kind!  Take a look at the slideshow below for a great taste of the potential.

Pricing is slightly different than our traditional photo sessions for several reason. 

1. As an example, the top photo of the motorcycle took at least 2 hours to capture all of the image variations I wanted.  Then the editing took at least another 2 hours.  In fact, there are 15 photos in total making up this image. All of this work for one single photo.

2. There are simply very few photographers in the world who can shoot and edit photos like these. 

With a combination of the incredible uniqueness along with the time intensive photo and editing sessions, I think my rates are pretty reasonable.

One flat rate of $249 for an approximately 60-90 minute session to capture the images.  Please keep in mind, these sessions often result in one single photo.  However, the results are clearly worth every penny.